If You Want to Remedy This - Then "Go Full Alinsky"


AND with over 130,000 refugees having been allowed into the UK over the past 3 years, over 1 million allowed into Germany and millions in total allowed into Europe by The EU Politburo - then we have to say "enough is enough!"  Moped crime Up! Knife attacks Up! Drug and Gang Related Crime all massively up - Well, not anymore in my country Joe! When are own are destitute and uncared for on the streets and those UNINVITED by us are on social security and housing benefits WITH NO REQUIREMENT OF PROOF OF WORK SEARCH, then you have to do what you know has to be done. It ain't right and it ain't fair.


Skill Sets - Classroom Side

Trust Is Everything


You have to be able to trust those who stand alongside of you on the Path to Freedom. It's no use bemoaning the fact that people let you down because most of the time, most of the people do! WE ARE NOT ABOUT THAT! We stand side by side and Where We Go One We Go All!



A few simple primers on historical fact and philosophical plain reasoning coupled with a good dose of logic and reinterpretation of the MSM narrative will have you feeling better in no time! Our trainers have access to Ancient knowledge and Facts that are, well, er just what you're looking for!



If you feel that you cannot commit to the program then that's fine with us - but you first need to hear what the upside and the downside to INACTION is. There is NEVER an optimum time to bring about a massive House Clearing Project whereby all the vile and corrupt criminal elements within the ELITIST CORPORATOCRACY are rendered up to Madam Justice - so let's begin now!

Who Does What - When?


There are multiple roles and much work needs doing in order to remain firm footed when the forces of the Corporatocracy are brought to bear against the rightful recipients of the fruits of the nations labour and resources. 

The Day Never Ends


La Nuit Debout - Up All Night: That's what it takes. The key to effective change and the transference of democratic power is to ensure that the view or the people remains solid and unchangeable UNTIL the demands have been met 100%. There's no point in just "going home" and beginning again when you've had a rest!



Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Skill Sets - Street Side

Watching Your Back


There are many more people involved in the ReTaking of this country than you realize. Many working under coercion with the Dark Side are being "freed or flipped" with guarantees of protection in return for co-operation. 

Spotting Weakness


When you are protesting or demonstrating then you are inevitably going to be faced with aggression and well equipped para-military police. There are ALWAYS points of weakness and placing flowers at the feet of your oppressor is NOT always the best policy 

Knowing When to Move


Sometimes it is better to run away and fight another day than to allow yourself to be "taken!" However, there are times when it is good to be taken as we will show you.

And When Not...


There is only one  rule on the Street and that is large numbers of people all singing from the same hymn sheet metaphorically speaking. Rule 2 is determination and Rule 3 is direction.

Humans - Horses - Vehicles


Vehicles are motorised, humanised and also can be animal in nature - like horses. Historically, these friendly creatures are used against people in war and street war is no exception. Horses can be persuaded quite easliy, not to co-operate with their riders.

The Supreme Advantage


Numbers - Numbers - Numbers! Inevitably you outnumber the opposition thousands to one, and so the result, if you are committed ON ANY GIVEN DAY is an assured certainty 


There is a Plan and The Plan is Active

"Going Full Alinsky!"

There are Rules and There are Radicals but the key is combining the two elements in the right order and at the correct time. Saul Alinsky was a teacher and many politicians on both sides of the aisles have studied and put into practice his tenets. WeRe no different and are ready to show you how to "Go Full Alinsky" in 2019.

Go Full Alinsky