"We've Got Your Back!"

Ikea Man No More

Someone had to offer these services sooner or later. Rules4Radicals offers basic common sense methods and not so common methods to use CREATIVE DISSENT to unseat parliamentarians, bankers and members of the judical, executive and legislative branches of government who are traitors to the people. You have been socially engineered to become a compliant, authority following sub-human, dragging a pram around the shopping mall and worrying about everything of no importance. Let's stop that here and now, shall we? Man up and JOIN today.

Don't Live Your Life Timidly

We offer the facility and training BUT you must supply the will and the intent and then the action to change this world for the good of all. Sacrifice is due and honour is the payment - do this for what you can give to others and NOT for what you can gain for yourself

Join a Band of Brothers

Legions are against you but you are more than them. They are carrying shields, guns, tasers, gas and more. They invoke satanic and demonic energies against you both while you wake and whilst you sleep. They will attempt to battle you into the ground - but ultimately they are rigid, cumbersome, on a payroll and stupid. You outnumber them 440:1 so let's not worry about the opposition. Whether you are in Poland, the Ukraine, the USA or England, know that we are all joined irrevocably and speeding headlong down the path which takes us Home - good will prevail - God is Good!

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We Will Protect You!

There are many entities and others involved in this Battle for Planet Earth and we urge you to have confidence in the outcome. There is A Plan and the long established agenda of The Dark Side maybe "foolproof" BUT I assure you that it's certainly NOT God proof! So chin up, take heart, join with us and be a part or be apart. Join The Queue.

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